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Van Bruggen & Vande Vegte, P.C.

Founded by Arthur Van Bruggen in 1977 as the first CPA firm serving Northwest Iowa, our commitment was, and still is, to serve the best interests of each and every one of our clients. Please take a few moments, acquaint yourself with our firm and contact us for more information about our accounting or financial services.

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Orange City Office
113 3rd St NE
Orange City, IA 51041
Phone: 712-737-2030
Fax: 712-737-2075
Rock Valley Office
P.O. Box 40
1313 Golf Course Road
Rock Valley, IA 51247
Phone: 712-476-2725
Fax: 712-476-2726

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What We Do

Every business and organization, no matter the size, has big opportunities and challenges to face. It's how you face them that makes the difference. And done well, the smallest of businesses can have great impact on a marketplace and a community.

We know this because we've made it a big part of our business to provide services for the unique challenges of growing businesses. And one of the greatest challenges you may have is resources. That's where our people can make the difference for you. Not only do we have the resources you need, we have the knowledge to put them to work for you. When knowledge and experience converge, the results are impressive.

At VB&VV, you'll get answers and one-on-one guidance from people who understand the big challenges of your industry. Whether your business is just starting out, or you've been in business for years. Whether you're hoping to grow or maintaining your position, our professionals are here to partner with you in addressing the opportunities and challenges you face. Here you'll find all the resources you need in one place to get you to the place you want - and need - to be.


Small Business

In business, finance and accounting go hand in hand. From small, family-owned companies to large corporations, Van Bruggen & Vande Vegte P.C. understands the meaning of the "bottom line". Whether it's discovering cash flow opportunities, QuickBooks® set-up and training or new business start-up consulting, our CPA's provide individual, expertly designed financial plans and solutions to capitalize on every opportunity.


Economic fluctuations, government regulations, interest rates and taxes can impact profitability as much as milk price, feed, fuel and herd replacement costs.

Van Bruggen & Vande Vegte, P.C. is the CPA firm of the central plains to provide complete consulting, accounting and tax preparation services to the dairy industry. We specialize in helping our clients overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that exist within their operations.


Farming and livestock production has changed. As operations increase in scale and complexity, the need for financial services does as well. Our professionals have real world experience and expertise gained serving hundreds of clients in the very heart of America's premier agricultural region.


As Certified Public Accountants, our mission is to help our non-profit clients fulfill their mission. We ensure our exempt organizations meet state and federal requirements and provide tailor-made accounting systems as well as audit, reporting and consulting services.


Procurement costs, production scheduling, sales forecasts ... in the manufacturing sector, you wear a lot of hats. To succeed, you've learned how vital it is to hire the right people. And to let them do their jobs. The same goes for your CPA firm. Our diverse manufacturing clientele rely on Van Bruggen and Vande Vegte for the financial information and expert consultation not just to survive, but to thrive in a global marketplace.


Your need for a CPA firm's service may be as infrequent as income tax preparation each spring. Or it may entail the depth and complexity demanded by a large corporation. More than likely, it's something different. Our clients are individuals. Their needs are uniquely their own. Our commitment has and always will be the highest level of service tailored to each client's situation.



From time to time, almost every organization -- whether it's publicly owned, privately held, or not-for-profit -- has to report how the organization is doing financially. These reports help investors and creditors evaluate the business and help owners make management decisions.


Nothing is more critical to the financial health of your business than good financial information. Sound policies and procedures help ensure that you get accurate financial information on which to base management decisions.

Business Consulting

Business owners, who devote most of their waking hours to working IN the business, have little time for working ON the business. VB&VV offers business growth services designed to help business owners improve profits and increase operational efficiency while enhancing their quality of life.

Business Valuation

You’ve worked hard to grow and sustain your business. With all of the changes in gift and estate tax law and the additional planning required, we can help you derive a credible value for your business.


Every financial decision you make has tax consequences. Our goal is to help you pay the least amount of tax required by law, while meeting your overall financial objectives. Clients who consult with our tax advisers prior to making major financial decisions can expect a more favorable outcome.

Individual Client

Let us take the stress and complexity out of your financial planning. Our role is all about serving you: providing customized, individual service. Whether you are in the prime years of your career and considering ways to fund your children's education, or you have worked for decades and are weighing retirement options and how to leave your mark in the community through charitable giving, we see each client's goals as distinctive. Like fingerprints, no two are alike.